10 Amazing Experiences You Cannot Miss On Your Next Spiti Valley Trip

10 Amazing Experiences You Cannot Miss On Your Next Spiti Valley Trip

Ladakh's lesser-known neighbor, the chilly mountain desert of Spiti, is for explorers who set out to float from the traveler trails. Spiti's postcard towns remain remotely desolated and covered in snow for the most part of the year. 

Lying in the lap of the Himalayas in the city of Himachal Pradesh, it is here that you can see the nearly extinct Snow Leopard and Himalayan Wolf, visit civilizations that are over 1000 years, the Himalayan Tibetian society, and immerse yourself in the local life of the villages which is a unique and enthralling experience.  Meet the kindest of individuals who live the harshest of lives. "This is a world inside a world," as Rudyard Kipling once depicted it.

Spiti, initially known as 'Piti' (the center land), was generally part of Western Tibet. In the eleventh century AD Nimagon, the ruler of Nariss Korssun partitioned his realm among his three children, of which Spiti and Zanskar together framed a different realm. Afterward, Ladakh assumed control over the suzerainty of Spiti and Zanskar, and the territory was controlled by the Nono (a more youthful sibling of the King of Ladakh).

Now, here we are going to share s few experiences you cannot miss on your next Spiti Valley tour.

Camp at Chandratal lake at 14000 feet.

Formed in a crescent shape, and situated at 14000 feet in the lap of the Himalayas, this lake is among the well-known places to visit in Spiti Valley. What makes an experience more stunning commendable there is enjoying nature by the lake with mind-blowing views around. 

Camping near the lake is an experience of a lifetime with beautiful mountains and beautiful turquoise colour water. If the sky is clear, you might get to see the milky way galaxy. Be sure to cover yourself with warm clothes as the temperatures dip drastically at night.


Trek to the Dhankar lake from Dhankar monastery

If you're looking for some adventure, trekking to Dhankar Lake is among the things you must not leave out in your visit to Spiti Valley. Situated over the Dhankar Monastery on a cliff at 4,270 meters, this lake is a mesmerizing wonder. You have to hike for 2 hours to reach the magnificent views of the lake. This lake is a peaceful place to relax with the beautiful view of the valley and snow-clad mountains.




Visit the famous Key monastery at 14000 feet

 Key Gompa is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery community situated on a pleasant ridge at an elevation of 4,166 m above ocean level, near the Spiti River, in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. The monastery was built around the 11th century qualifies as being the most established and the greatest in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh and religious training centre and home for around  300 lamas. 




Send a letter from the world’s highest post office in Hikkim

With the world's highest post office situated at 4,389 meters between Komik and Langza towns in Hikkim, what to do in Spiti is an inquiry you should never be worried. Just an hour or two via vehicle, or a tough trek away from Kaza, this is a spot you should visit. Send a letter or a postcard from the  World's Highest Post Office to your loved once, which is an experience in itself.



Try and spot the rare snow leopard in Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley is the celebrated land known as the well-known living space of the snow leopard – the huge Himalayan "Ghost cat" that has tricked a large number of hopers into a visit, yet evaded them the lone glimpse. With the Great Himalayan National Park on one side and Rupi Bhabha Sanctuary on the other, this piece of Northern India can be accessed by road.



Visit 1000+-year-old mummy in Nako

Giu is a little town situated between the villages of Sumdo and Tabo and can be accessed via a steep 8 km climb on a road that branches from NH-22. It has a sanctum with a mummy, which is over 1000+ years old and visiting this mummy is among the renowned experience in Spiti. A well-known legend says that "the mummy is of a meditating Lama," which makes it a considerably more mysterious experience.


Enjoy the local yak safari

The ideal approach to experience Spiti is by living and travelling like a local. Along these lines, at whatever point you're finished with trekking and wish to have another novel experience, decide on a nearby ride, for example, a yak safari. Nearly, all the town families have at least one yak with them, which makes the journey significantly available, and an experience worth having in the Spiti valley.



Stargazing and finding the milky way at night.

With villages situated at the height of 10,000 to 15,000 feet over the ocean level, stargazing and finding the milky way around evening time at such a high elevation is probably the best activity in Spiti. You can sit and admire the paradise, and spot a zillion stars immediately. Furthermore, if fortune favours you around then, you may likewise spot a shooting star.


Feel the thrill of mountain biking

A trip to Spiti Valley, without question, is an encounter of a lifetime. As you travel from either Shimla or Manali to Kaza, you do not just observe scene sufficiently excellent to leave you enhanced; yet also, an incredibly remarkable culture that is elusive somewhere else on the world. You can get a bike on rent in Kaza. Bike riding is an experience you cannot miss out on with the magnificent views of snow-clad mountains and adventurous roads.


Feel at home with an awesome homestay experience in Tabo

Tabo, a curious little town settled in the core of the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is magnificence in itself. Visiting Tabo, you will be mesmerized with the grandeur and stillness of life. It is an ideal spot for those hoping to get away from the buzzing urban focuses and trying to relax and restore. Living with the local family in Tabo with local food, sharing local experiences and knowing their culture is an experience in itself. 



Apart from all these adventures if you have time left, then you can go for Shopping at Kaza's primary market. With the market area of Kaza being so popular, shopping in Spiti is something that everyone enjoys. From Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts to human bone and skull sculptures painted in silver, there are innumerable things you can buy from there as sweet souvenirs to take back home.

There are two routes to Spiti Valley from Manali and Shimla. The one from Manali is more adventurous as you will have to cross Rohtang Pass (3980 Meters) first to enter Lahaul Valley from Kullu Valley and Kunzum Pass (4551 Meters). Running over these passes is a kind of feeling in itself!


Another significant point to remember is that while coming from Shimla to Spiti Valley is that you can visit the famous Sangla valley. Consequently, the route to Spiti Valley from Manali is open.

Monuments and Statues

There are many amazing monuments and statues in Spiti Valley that you can't miss on your next trip! The valley is home to some of the most beautiful and historic Buddhist temples and monasteries in the world, as well as many impressive statues and sculptures.

The Ki Monastery is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spiti Valley, and for good reason! This stunning Buddhist temple is perched atop a hill in the middle of the valley, offering breathtaking views in all directions. The monastery is home to many beautiful murals and statues, including a giant statue of the Buddha.

Another must-see monument in Spiti Valley is the Tabo Monastery. This incredible monastery is over 1,000 years old, making it one of the oldest continuously operating monasteries in the world! The Tabo Monastery is known for its beautiful architecture and artwork, including many intricate paintings and statues.

And don't forget to check out the Langza Buddha Statue! This massive statue stands at nearly 30 feet tall, making it one of the tallest Buddhas in the world. The Langza Buddha offers incredible views of the surrounding valley, and is a popular spot for photos.

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