5 Reasons to Start Trekking with an RV

5 Reasons to Start Trekking with an RV

Whether you are on a busy, popular trek, or off the beaten path, food and rest are usually at top of mind. Having an RV on your trekking trips removes these concerns, providing peace of mind. These benefits will have you reconsidering your next trek and packing your gear into an RV before you head out. Comfortable Beds After long days of traveling and hiking up extremely high altitudes, your body is probably aching and ready to relax. While guest houses provide beds, having an RV that with a comfy bed, your own pillow, and other comforts of home, will allow you to sleep peacefully and regain all of the energy you expelled over the few days that you were trekking.

Freedom to Drive Around

There are many different places to trek around the world. Some of the world-famous treks include Kilimanjaro, the Inca Trail, and Everest Base Camp. In the US, there is always a new spot to trek from the Yosemite to the Appalachian Trail to Zion National Park. Using an RV to get to these destinations will help you save money and make you feel at home before you embark on a long journey. Rather than staying at a hotel in each destination, you can crash in the RV each night on your road trip. And if you’re a go-getter and want to go on a trekking spree, traveling from one destination to the next is much easier and comfortable in an RV.

Make Your Own Food

What better way to celebrate your accomplishment than with a home cooked meal? After days of being in the sun and eating protein bars, cooking a meal in your RV will seem like heaven on Earth. Whether it’s a hot bowl of soup or some gourmet dish, you have the freedom to make a home-cooked meal and settle in.

Room for Your Group

While you are trekking along, having a group of people sometimes makes the long journey more enjoyable. Whether you’re traveling with your loved one or some of your best friends, once you come back from your long trek, you can sit around a campfire at the RV campsite and talk about all of the events of the day. RVs are great for large parties and will fit your group once you come back exhausted.

Hot Shower

Let’s be honest, after hiking for days, whether in the warm summer sun or the chilly winter temps, you’ve probably worked up a sweat. And what’s a better feeling than washing off the dirt and feeling the hot water hit your skin? Not sure if anything can top that. Plus if you’re staying in a luxury RV camp, there’s a chance there are not only luxurious bathrooms but also hot tubs to help loosen your tight muscles.

Trekking is an incredible way to experience the world and become one with the great outdoors. While guest houses and food stops are nice, having an RV with you will help make you feel at home. Or it’ll help get you to your next trekking stop in style. Either way, you can’t pass up the chance to RV across the country and trek off the beaten path.