5 Reasons To Trek At least Once In Your Lifetime

5 Reasons To Trek At least Once In Your Lifetime

In the modern era, life is fast-paced and most of us like it that way. Everyone is in a rush, to get somewhere, to finish something, to advance, and that rush never seems to end. We’ve built a robotic way of life around us - one where it is easy to get lost into oblivion. But, there are ways to pause everything for a moment, take a short exit, and zoom out from your own life. And, how to accomplish that best? Trek and give yourself to mother nature for as long as it is possible for you.If you have ever fiddled with the idea of trekking and shunned it away in favour of a weekend party or a staycation, it is time to re-think the same. Given that Himalayas is so close for us, how can one miss a chance to trek the mighty mountains. For those who have walked the mountains will be able to tell you how affordable and unique trekking in the Himalayas is. Here’s why you should choose to go on an adventure like trekking, at least once (and possibly many more times) in your lifetime.

1) To cut the monotony of regular life: Our daily life, no matter how exciting it is, gets monotonous at some point. Urban life works on certain rules and patterns that keeps everyone organized and systematic. Although these systems are inevitable, it restricts you from exploring life to the fullest. An occasional break is necessary to refresh us, once in awhile. Trekking gets you to a drastically different life zone altogether: it’s slow, silent, and untouched. What it allows you to explore instantly is the other extreme end of life. Hence when you get back to your regular life, you draw inspiration from your trekking experience. You stay in unique places and make plenty of new friends. That’s not monotonous, isn’t it? 


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2) Feel the rush: Have you ever experienced your body feeling excited, scared, and immensely joyful at the same time? If not, you need to pack your bags right now and trek up. Many people who have explored adventurous activities like bungy jumping, rafting, sky diving will be able to tell you what adrenaline rush feels like. Although these activities gets you to feel the rush, they are short lived. Trekking is the best way to live the rush for a long period of time, all while experiencing the tranquility around you. Many experienced trekkers will be able to tell you the calmness they feel as they keep pushing themselves ahead into the arms of the nature. 


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3) Challenge your fitness: Fitness is commonly understood as having a body that is slim, muscular, and well shaped. Well, let me break that myth right here. A fit body doesn’t necessarily have to be slim and muscular. Fitness is the combination of stamina, patience, health, and body strength. One may have cracked the code to appear gorgeous in their everyday attire, but you will be able to test your real fitness only if you trek. Trekking is a long process. It requires you to carry your own food and supplies while you walk. This uses your physical and mental strength as you push yourself to not stop and make it to the top. 


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4) See Mother Nature Raw: One can’t spend an entire lifetime without having seen and experienced how mother nature actually feels like in its original form. Imagine a site with no buildings, no concrete bridges, no shops, and literally nothing man-made but only what nature made for itself. That sight cannot be anything but life changing. Touristy spots do give you an idea of this beauty, but they are either crowded or concretised by us in some form or the other. A trekker gets to work hard and walk that extra mile to see this beauty as it was thousand years ago. If this isn’t time travel, then what is.


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5) To broaden your mind space: Everyone I know is facing some or the other problems in life, be that small or big: issue at work, family life, or something else. Our mind has only enough vacant space to store and process thoughts.These everyday life issues take up all of that space. The space that should actually be given to creativity is taken over. Trekking is like meditation and it helps you declutter these thoughts to make more space. While you trek up, the only thing you can afford to think about is the climb, your breathing, your steps, and the beauty around you. It is a complete way of experiencing zen, a state of mind that will leave you free of all worries. 


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Let’s be honest - trekking is not a typical ‘tourist’ experience involving grand monuments, culinary delights, exciting shopping, or souvenirs to bring back. It is much more sacrosanct than that. It is a bold challenge that you give to yourself to be more fitter, patient and calmer.  To gain deeper insights into why you should trek at least once, talk to some of the fellow trekkers and hear about their experiences. Trekking is affordable, creative and allows you to make plenty of new friends to socialize with. If you haven’t yet added trekking to your bucket list items yet, it’s time to do that. So buck up and book yourself into a trek already, especially with the Himalayas right here!