Breathtaking Trails for Trekking in India

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For avid adventure lovers, the first thing that comes to the mind is the mountains. If you are thinking to witness breathtaking views of mountains, India is the best country. With endless trails, abundant vegetation, and spectacular views, India has some of the exceptional places to discover for people of all ages. Considering massive options, here are a few selected places for you to explore -

Hampta Pass – a beautiful crossover trek

Hampta Pass is a unique pass that comes out of lush green valleys of Kullu offering spectacular view of the mountain ranges. You get to see a panoramic view of Lahaul Valley making it a dramatic landscape. Grazing horses, beautiful maple trees, and wavy green meadows make the trek scenic. With a mixed backdrop and dazzling mountain views, Hampta Pass Trek is of the best places for trekking in India.

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Starting Point              : Manali

Altitude                       : 4277 metres

Endurance Level         : Moderate

When to visit               : Mid-June to Mid-October

Great Lakes Trek – a visual delight from Jammu and Kashmir

Do you want to see blue irises grow on the shore of beautiful lakes? Think no more. Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir is one of the chosen trekking tours by all-time trekkers. With beautiful alpine lakes, stunning meadows with clumps of maple and pine, rare wildflowers, and a twinkling stream, this trek offers a unique experience for all nature enthusiasts.

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Starting Point              : Sonamarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Altitude                       : 13750 metres

Endurance Level         : Moderate

When to visit               : June to September

Goecha La Trek – a perfect blend of adventure and splendour

If you are looking for a high altitude beautiful spot, Goecha La is your best place for trekking in India. It is one of the greenest regions in the world, having a beautiful forest with a fine ecosystem. You will also have a spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain. The trek offers the jaw-dropping view of sunrise and sunset, stunning tear shaped lake structure, snow capped mountains, and of course steep trails throughout the hike.

           Image Source By Srinivasa Prasath (  Flickr )

Starting Point              : Yuksom, Sikkim

Altitude                       : 4940 metres

Endurance Level         : Difficult

When to visit               : April to June; October to November

Nagalapuram Hills – a hidden beauty of Eastern Ghats

You won’t believe the existence of this beautiful mountain range close to the town in Andhra Pradesh. Nagalapuram is one of the best places of trekking in India, especially if you live in the South. It is definitely one of the favourite trekking zones in South India that offer trekking trails for all sorts of trekkers – whether you’re just beginning to trek or a hardcore trekker. With lush green forest, all-time streams, and a moderately hot weather, Nagalapuram boasts the beauty of the South.

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Starting Point              : Uthukottai or Pichatur, Andhra Pradesh

Altitude                       : 64 metres

Endurance Level         : Easy to Difficult

When to visit               : All year round

Daring explorations are never-ending in India

It does not matter whether you are just stepping into nature exploration or an all-time Trekker, India has numerous trails for travel enthusiasts. Here is what you should do – drag yourself out of your couch and start exploring!

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