Explore India’s top 10 treks in 2019


If you love traveling, you probably know how enticing a trekking experience will be. Trekking is an adventurous journey that gives you access to some of the unexplored trails. Stunning peaks, tranquil forests and ever-fresh streams running down the mountains give a mesmerizing experience for travelers worldwide. Here are the top ten treks in India that you should look out for in 2019 -

Valley of Flowers trek

It is a perfect destination for travelers who love natural beauty.  You will see exotic flowers, faunas, and snow-covered mountains. You can find rare flowers like calendula, daisies, lilies, saxifrages, seams, and poppy. Be sure to capture the sights of blue sheep, brown bear, and snow leopard in this place.


Starting Point: Joshimath

Highlights: Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi peaks

Altitude: 14400 feet

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Best time to visit: mid-July to mid-August

Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Do you want to see snow patches sliding off the mountains into the beautiful lake? This is exactly what you will witness in Kashmir Great Lakes trek. Not just this, you can even find white icebergs floating on the lake’s surface making the lake prettier. The shores are filled with lush green grassland and walking along it gives you a soothing experience.

Starting Point: Shitkadi

Highlights: Kishansar and Harmukh peaks

Altitude: 13800 feet

Difficulty: Moderate to DifficultBest time to visit: July to September

Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass is one of the best treks in India that offers a scenic landscape, glacial valleys, and curvy green meadows. This is an unusual pass that starts from the lush valley and goes up to the high mountains giving you a panoramic view of the Lahaul valley below. You will witness a mix of terrains from rocky hills and fresh valleys to stunning grassland with wildflowers and a moderate trail. 

Starting Point: Manali

Highlights: Dhauladhar and Deo Tibet peaks

Altitude: 14100 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Best time to visit: mid-June to mid-October

Roopkund trek

Avid trekkers love Roopkund trek. You can enjoy the beauty of untouched forests, gurgling streams and breathtaking meadows. You will trek through forests of alpine and fir, Rhododendron, and Oak trees. Roopkund Glacier Lake is a highlight and a perfect spot for photography. Whether you want to walk along the streams or sleep in a pretty campsite, Roopkund trek will be your ideal journey.

Starting Point: Lohajung

Highlights: Kedarnath, Kedar Dom, Trishul, Chaukhamba range, Neelkanth peak, 

Altitude: 15696 feet

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Best time to visit: April to June

Goechala trek

Seasoned trekkers enjoy the grand views of huge mountains of Goechala. This trek does a right mix of adventure and beauty with meandering rivers, snowy meadows, and jaw-dropping sunrise. It is one of the journeys where you will experience an adrenaline rush while hiking in steep trails. Goechala will mesmerise you with its verdant valleys, rich forests and beautiful orchards. Kanchenjunga National Park is a highlight of this trek. 

Starting Point: Yuksom

Highlights: Kanchenjunga, Rotang, Pandim, Kabru, Tenzinkhay, Jupono, Simro, Kumbakarana, etc

Altitude: 16200 feet

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Best time to visit: April to June; September to October 

Kedarkantha trek

This is one of the best treks in the Uttarakhand giving you a terrific view of the virgin forests, pretty campsites, and snow-capped trees all over. If you trek during December to April, you can witness the best snowfall with extreme chillness ideal for avid trekkers. From the Kedarkantha base camp to the summit, you can get a panoramic view of snow-covered mountains at your eye level.

Starting Point: Sankri village

Highlights: Jaonti, Draupadi ka Danda, Jorkanden, Gangotri, Chansil Pass, Rupin valley, Dhauladhar range, Har ki Dun valley, etc

Altitude: 12500 feet

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Best time to visit: December to April

Chadar trek

Chadar trek has a magical charm and beauty with its stunning peaks, challenging trails, and scenic valleys. If you love to walk on the frozen river, trek during February as the ice will be more stable.  The scenic campsites and the picturesque beauty of the mountains have always attracted travellers from around the world. This is one of those journeys in which you will experience tranquillity amongst adventure.

Starting Point: Let, Ladakh

Highlights: Stok Kangri peak and frozen river

Altitude: 11123 feet

Difficulty: Difficult

Best time to visit: mid-January to mid-February

Bali Pass trek

If you want to witness the generosity of the snowfall, trek in the pre-monsoon or post-monsoon season. To enjoy the abundance of greenery and the rich flora and fauna, June is the ideal time. Bali Pass is one of the least explored treks. It gives a breathtaking view of the mountains in the closest proximity. The ancient village Gangad and Osla, alpine meadows and thrilling trails make this trek unique. The trek is ideal for experienced trekkers who will enjoy trekking in the snow-covered high altitude passes.

Starting Point: Sankri village

Highlights: Bandarpoonch, Kalanag and Swargarohini peaks; Ruinsara Lake; Govind National Park

Altitude: 16240 feet

Difficulty: Difficult

Best time to visit: September to October

Markha Valley trek

The trek offers the best view of the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, which attracts travellers from around the world. Markha valley is a prominent region in Ladakh and allures trekkers with its beautiful greenery and lush streams. You can enjoy the unexplored beauty of the Hemis National Park and the two most significant Gandala la and Kongmaru La passes

Starting Point: Spituk

Highlights: Kang Yissay and Stok Kangri peaks

Altitude: 16830 feet

Difficulty: Difficult

Best time to visit: mid-May to mid-September

Brahmatal Lake trek

If you are a beginner and are in the best of shape go for Brahmatal lake trek which is an ideal trek in the Himalayan region. The trails will take you through some of the ancient dense forests that have rhododendron and oak trees. You can easily view stunning mountains while passing through the scenic village. You will experience one of the outstanding campsites and an array of mesmerizing mountains in the trek.

Starting Point: Kathgodam

Highlights: Lohajung, Bekaltal ,Brahmatal, Khabekhal

Altitude: 12,250feet

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Best time to visit: Dec- March

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