Explore the Unexplored: Tirthan Valley

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Himachal Pradesh is the land of beautiful valleys and a paradise for nature lovers. It is beautiful & an enchanting place, with lots of hidden and untouched places to explore. One such valley in Himachal where you will find beautiful waterfalls, lakes, national park and nature at its best.  

Yes, it is Tirthan valley. Young travellers & tourists are not familiar to this place as it often called as the Himachal’s best-kept secret. It boasts of various activities as they keep as on our toe all the time & we wouldn't even realise how the time has passed. Tirthan valley is great for those holidaymakers who seek adventure as well as peace and tranquility and be one with nature away from the bustling crowds.

Places to visit around Tirthan Valley:-

The Great Himalayan National Park

Built in the year 1984, the great Himalayan national park is an exquisite habitat of flora & fauna, spread over the area of 754 sq. km at an altitude of 1500-1600 meters & is highlighted by deodar, oak trees. It is home to many wildlife species such as snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear etc. The great Himalayan national park has many trekking trails where people can trek and camp for multiple days. Other activities like rock climbing, trout fishing, and other adventure activities can be done in this world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

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  • Jalori Pass

It is a high mountain pass located at 10,800ft above sea level, it is one of the favored places for trekkers. Located near Banjar mountain ranges of Himalayas with views of snow-capped landscapes, it offers a breath of fresh air surrounded by elegant flowers which fuses into a surreal experience. It’s relatively an untouched tourist destination to explore and enjoy your weekends. The jalorimata temple adds as another reason to visit this place.

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  • Serolsar Lake

Serolsar Lake, which is situated 6km from Jalori pass is named after Serolsar temple. As wide as a generic football ground, located among the kharshoo trees at a height of 3140m above sea level, the lake offers a perfect getaway option for travellers looking for some refreshing break from the noise filled cities. The crystal clear waters surrounded by the spellbounding green forests & tall mountains are just a treat to watch for avid tourists.

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  • Tirthan River 

The major part of the Tirthan Valley is the Tirthan river which attracts major tourists & travellers there due to their adventure sports that they provide there. It is one of the most beautiful river you'll ever see. The river comprises of clear & cold water that come directly from the glaciers. Tourists describe it as a paradise since the elegant river is surrounded by the deep forest making it a treat for nature lovers.

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 Jibhi Waterfalls

Jibhi is one the unexplored places in Himachal Pradesh, this is it less crowded where one can enjoy the peacefulness, tranquility & can be one with nature. It is tucked away in the isolated Banjar valley with beautiful Victorian pinewood cottages. Waterfalls can be seen from the road, the area near the waterfalls is paved & surrounded by forests. It is refreshing, feel more relaxed & calm as you can take a swim in the river nearby.

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Prashar Lake

Prashar lake is one of the most amazing lakes near Tirthan valley which resonates with an unprecedented beauty. The three storey pagoda style temple on the lake was constructed by King Bansen in the 14th century. The temple and the lake are dedicated to Rishi Parashar who meditated here.

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Things to do in and around Tirthan Valley:

River Crossing

River crossing is one of adventure sport you can do while in Tirthan valley. This activity is done in the river Tirthan with a safety harness and let you slide from one end to another. There are few operators you will find to do this activity.

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  • Trekking & Camping

Tirthan Valley is unexplored trekking hub as it has various trekking & camping tours. There are lot of great trekking trails in the Great Himalayan national park which is a great trekking destination. Other than that you have Prashar lake trek which is a short trek.  Many travellers camp in & around tirthan valley as it helps them connect with nature & find inner peace. 

  • Trout Fishing

Tirthan valley is very popular among avid fish lovers as it a home to ‘trout fish’ which is found in the tirthan river. The crystal clear waters helps enrich the fishing experience. It provides fishing enthusiasts a memorable experience in the midst of the alluring beauty of nature.

It is another adventure sport participated by avid travelers & tourists to fuel their adrenal rush. The formations of rocks provide an ideal outlet for rock climbing. People who like challenges can undertake this activity. They have special instructors who are qualified, experienced & will provide genuine equipment for the safety of the adventure.

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There are various accommodation facilities available in & around Tirthan valley. 

 Green Alpine

The Green Alpine is a beautiful place in Jibhi with 360 degree view of the mountains and a stream running next to it and a waterfall nearby makes it a magical place to stay for nature lovers. Rooms are neatly furnished with all the modern amenities like attached bathroom, Electric kettle, Showers, Marvel Flooring, Hot/Cold Water , WiFi etc

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The Tirthan View Homestay

It is an exemplary place to find tranquility and peace. This homestay is said to be travellers favorite accommodation as it is absolutely kid friendly and offers delicious food. This hotel enables guests to savour the stunning mountain views. Tirthan View Homestay is an ideal retreat for those wishing to go on a fun-filled weekend trip to Tirthan Valley. Pack your bags for a delightful stay right now!

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Raju Bharti’s Guest House

Raju Bharti's guest house is one of the beautiful places to stay in Tirthan Valley. Tucked in the valley with greenery all around and a warm pleasant stay, this guest house offers delicious homemade dining options. Experience the raw nature with different activities and a pleasant stay  at Tirthan in Raju Bharti's homestay. 

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Crystal Mountain Homestay

Crystal Mountain homestay is one of the good hotels in Tirthan Valley with a great view from your room of the lush mountains and easy connectivity and are know for their warm hospitality. You can avail swimming, hiking, and fishing and a lot of other activities here in this beautiful homestay. and the fun part is that this homestay is pet friendly as well. 

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