Hike to Unexplored Terrains of Ladakh a Paradise for Trekkers

Hike to Unexplored Terrains of Ladakh a Paradise for Trekkers

  • Backpackers and nature lovers – Feast your eyes in one of the most fascinating places on earth, Ladakh, a dreamer’s destination. Be prepared for a mix of adventure and beauty in abundance that Ladakh offers. From hilly terrains, stunning peaks, high-altitude passes and scenic charm, Ladakh will leave you with countless moments to cherish.

    Known as the paradise for trekkers, Ladakh is a place for people with infinite love for trekking and travelers with a quest for peace. Offering a unique landscape and exquisite culture, Ladakh gives you a glimpse of its other side of beauty like ancient monasteries, being a ground for pilgrimage journeys. Trekking in Ladakh can be strenuous and requires you to be physically fit before you begin to experience its true beauty. Trekking in Ladakh is limitless; here are a few not-to-be-missed treks in Ladakh that won’t disappoint you.

    Unexplored Treks in Ladakh are as follows:

    Zanskar - the mother of all treks 

    Located in the heart of Ladakh, Zanskar offers action-packed sights and enchanting beauty of its landscape giving you a feeling that you are now a pro traveller. To enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful peak and glorifying land of the Himalayan region, you to know that this trek will test your fitness and endurance level. With numerous mountains, valleys and forests, covering Zanskar require one to three weeks.

    Attractions: Zanskar Valley, Pensi La Pass, Padum, Zanskar River, Rangdum, Phuktal Monastery, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging

    Starting Point: Padum (District Headquarter of Zanskar valley)

    Maximum Altitude: 5090 m

    Best season to trek: Mid-May to October

    Markha Valley Trek - a traveller’s favorite –

    Known as the Tea House trek, Markha Valley offers an outstanding view of Zanskar and Ladakh ranges. Get set for an adventure in the magical and remote Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh. Running parallel to the Himalayan range, this Valley has beautiful, wild and barren landscapes that are attractive.

    Don’t miss to hike Ganda La (4800 m) and Kongmaru La (5150 m) which has proved to be the top two stunning high passes. This is exactly where you get to feast your eyes from the summit. Once you cross over Ganda La and reach the fresh Markha village, you will find attractive sights like green fields, willow trees and barren mountains around you.

    Image Source by Himalayan Frontiers (Flickr)

    Attractions: Thachungtse, Nimaling, Chuskirmo, Ganda La, Kongmaru La, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging

    Starting Point: Leh

    Maximum Altitude: 5300m

    Best season to visit: Mid-June to Mid-October

    Lamayuru Alchi Trek - a journey through ancient monasteries –

    Being one of the popular and oldest treks in Ladakh, it takes you on a magnificent journey to the earliest monasteries dating 10th century. Besides the historic beauty of this place, you can trek through various high altitude mountain ranges like Prinkiti La, Penji La, Konski La and Stakspi La.

    With remote villages offering vivid views of beautiful meadows and valleys, the trek from Lamayuru to Alchi is a perfect spot for lovers of ancient myths and architecture.

    Image source by Sumit Sharma (Flickr)


    Attractions: Pritikngi La, Wanla, Hinju, Sumdha Chenmo, Stakspi la, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging

    Starting Point: Leh

    Maximum Altitude: 5250m

    Best season to visit: Mid-May to October

    Snow Leopard Trek - a joy for animal lovers –

    Whether you are a photography enthusiast, an animal lover or someone who wants to wander, this place will not disappoint you. You can spot the snow leopards, active during dawn and dusk, near broken terrains and rocky outcrops. You can also get a sight of other rare species of wildlife like Ibex, Tibetan Antelope, Blue Sheep, Shapo, Marmot, Tibetan Hare, etc.

    The trek leads to Rumbak Valley where you get to socialise with hospitable people in local villages. Photography lovers will not miss spotting some of the rare species of Himalayan and migratory birds in this region.

    Attractions: Hemis National Park, Rumbak valley, Spituk, Zingchen, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Starting Point: Leh

    Maximum Altitude: 4500 m

    Best season to visit: December to February

    Kang Yatze Trek -for adventurous trekkers –

    Kang Yatze is one of the several fascinating peaks, which Ladakh offers to you. In spite of the challenging journey, you will love this trek for its breath-taking beauty when you summit to the top. Throughout this challenging trek, you will find wonderful rivers, gorgeous valleys and quaint villages with the friendly local people.

    With strenuous trekking trails, you will also get a spiritual feeling while crossing some of the great monasteries that have been in existence. You can also hike to Kang Yatze 2, which does not demand much of mountaineering skills. Snow is unpredictable in this region. Kang Yatze is an adventurous trek with a dazzling experience of a lifetime.


    Image source by James C Farmer (Flickr)                                                                                                                

    Attractions: Shangsumdo, Lartsa, Nimaling, Hemis, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Challenging

    Starting Point: Leh

    Maximum Altitude: 6200 m

    Best season to visit: July to September

    Rumtse to Kiber Trek -beautiful panoramic landscapes –

    Be lost in the adventurous and splendid trek that takes you through the high Altitude Lake, Tso Moriri. With a breath-taking view of Rupshu Valley, this lake is the largest in Ladakh. If you are an animal lover, the pleasure of sighting wildlife, including migratory birds, marmots, and Tibetan wolves is guaranteed. Enjoy the wonderful view of Tibetan plateau and the panoramic scenes of the Tso Moriri Lake during this trek.

    For many, this trek is a dreamland filled with unforgettable moments. Family, food, and camping are only some of the pleasures, which you will experience on this amazing journey. You should also visit Korzok village and Ki Gompa, the hugest monastery. This is one of the most beautiful treks in Ladakh that you should never miss.


    Attractions: Tso Moriri, Parangla Pass, Kaza, Dhumle, Thaltak, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Challenging

    Starting Point: Manali/Leh

    Maximum Altitude: 5600 m

    Best season to visit: Mid-July to September

    Parang La Trek - a photographer’s paradise –

    Planning for a long vacation? Parang La Trek should be on the top of your list. Travellers around the world would want to visit some place that gives them leisure time and also keeps them active. Parang La is one of those destinations that you challenge your physically and also offer you a peaceful view of the mountains. It has a fantastic view of the mountains and Pare Chu River, which makes this trek as one of the favourite treks in Ladakh. If you are a photographer, you know how much you will love this spot.

    You will come across some deep gorges, steep climbs around the pass and will be crossing several rivers that make this trek a challenge.


    Attractions: Thaltak, Bongrojen, Rachalamo, Chumik Shilde, Kiangdam, Korzok, etc.

    Difficulty Level: Challenging

    Starting Point: Kaza/Manali

    Maximum Altitude: 5580 m

    Best season to visit: July to October

    Ladakh, the exploration is endless –

    Blessed with the beauty of stunning mountains and longing valleys, Ladakh is a land of the dream of travellers around the world. Be is summer or winter, Ladakh is a place where the adventure is always waiting for you. Trekkers will not miss this spot; if you are a newbie in the trekking world, start with an easy to moderate trek in Ladakh. With daring trails and gorgeous mountains, treks in Ladakh are endless; you just need to choose one.