Why Should Kedarkantha Trek Be Your First Winter Trek?

Why Should Kedarkantha Trek Be Your First Winter Trek?

Do you love trekking & are you on a hunt for the best winter trek in India? Well, have you ever heard about Kedarkantha trek? If not already, we are here to tell you why every trekking lover must plan for a Kedarkantha trek, no matter what!

Located in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Kedarkantha trek is a preferred choice for trekkers around the globe. Kedarkantha trek starts from a remote village called Sankri. The trek, being an ideal place for nature enthusiasts, offers some of the best views for you to cherish. Throughout the journey, you will come across snow-capped peaks & snow-topped trees to colourful campsites, frozen ponds & verdant valleys; you will witness the mesmerizing flora & fauna of the region. You will see gorgeous pine forest, maple trees, beautiful streams & lush meadows. From Kedarkantha peak, you can spot various other peaks like Rupin range,Buran range, Swargarohini, Kalanag, Bandarpooch & Har Ki Dun valley.

Kedarkantha Trek is a powerhouse of adventure & would leave you enthralled & content all at the same time.

Kedarkantha trek FAQ and things to know before you go:

What is the height of Kedarkantha Trek?

The Kedarkantha trek starts at a height of 6000 feet in Sankri village and the maximum height achieved on the trek is 12000 feet above sea level at the peak.

What is the total distance covered on the trek?

Kedarkantha trek starts from Sankri village which is 200 km from Dehradun. The total distance covered on foot on this trek is 22km from Sankri to Sankri.

Is the Kedarkantha Trek easy?

Yes, the Kedarkantha trek is an easy-moderate trek for beginners provided that you have prepared well for the trek. This trek is a relatively easy trek in the Himalayas where trekkers cover 4-5 km in a day with a medium level elevation on all days. The only two factors which make the trek moderately difficult is the extreme weather in December/January and low oxygen levels at high altitude. So prepare your lungs and build a fair bit of stamina before you begin this trek.

What is the start point of the trek? and how can I reach there?

This trek starts from Sankri village inside Govind wildlife sanctuary which is around 200 km from Dehradun. You can take local bus, private vehicle or shared cabs to from Dehradun to Sankri.

What is the total duration of the trek?

This trek can be completed in 3 to 4 days according to your trekking experience excluding 2 days of travel to and from Dehradun.

What is the best time to go for Kedarkantha Trek?

Kedarkantha trek is basically open in the month of December to April as it is considered a winter trek in the Himalayas. If you love the snow and want to enjoy the snowfall during the trek then December and January are the months to go for. There will be snow in the months of February to April mid but very fewer chances of fresh snowfall. People can still enjoy the snow and sunshine during the day while trekking. 

Is the Kedarkantha Trek safe? 

This trek is absolutely safe, especially for women traveling alone. Plan your tour with a trekking agency or going solo the place is safe with warm-hearted people and staff.

Is Kedarkantha and Kedarnath the same?

No, Kedarkantha Trek is a high altitude trek in Sankri village, Uttarkashi and there is no link to Kedarnath which is a pilgrimage place near Joshimath.

Ideal Itinerary for the Trek:

Day 1: Drive from Dehradun to Sankri (6,400Ft) which will take 8 hours and approx of 200 km

Day 2:Trek from Sankri (6,400Ft) to Juda Ka Talab (9100 Ft), (4- 5 Hours/4 km)

Day 3: Trek from Juda ka Talab to  Kedarkantha base (11,250Ft) ( 4 Hours / 2-3 Km)

Day 4: Trek from Kedarkantha base camp (11,250Ft) to Kedarkantha peak (12,500Ft ) and back to Kedarkantha base

Day 5: Trek from Kedarkantha base camp (11,250 ft)  to Sankri. Drive from Sankri to Dehradun (200 km will take you 8 hours)

From snow-capped peaks to frozen ponds & meadows covered with snow, Kedarkantha offers all the wonders a trekker can expect from this journey. If you ever wanted to trek in snow, you cannot miss this place. With adequate fitness  you can enjoy the breathtaking views of mountains & snow peaks at its best. If you are looking for the best winter trek in India, Kedarkantha trek should be on the top of your list.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Kedarkantha as your first winter trek

Easy to trek

The Kedarkantha trek is an easy to moderate trek, which means it is suitable for beginners. It is a round trail & stands at the height of 12,500 ft. The trail has a blend of few ascends & descends that first-timers can enjoy. Filled with lush streams, there is an abundance of water throughout the trek. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is when you reach the summit in the morning & being able to see the sunrise is an extraordinary feeling. The trail is easy as you have 4 hours of trek daily and you can enjoy the rest of the day in the beautiful campsites.  

Trekkers on the  way to Keadarkantha base camp

Covered in snow from December to April

It is known that the mighty Kedarkantha trek experiences snow starting from the mid of December & continues until the end of the April. Just as you trek up to 10000 ft. mark, you will start seeing the snow across your way - the snow-capped mountain peaks & pine trees with snow-laden forest. As you reach the meadows, you will soon find yourself amid white snow for as far as your eyes go. This mesmerizing view is definitely worth it. Covered & surrounded by tall pine trees adorned with snow, the green meadows & the stunning peaks makes it the most sought after winter trek in India. Thus, to experience the best ever winter trek, you must travel between December & April. For someone who loves forward to the chilling winter season, Kedarkantha trek tops the list as you can have a visual delight of the snow adding excitement to your adrenaline rush during the trek.

Juda Ka Talab Campsite en route the Kedarkantha trek in December

Beautiful  campsites

How does it feel to camp in the snow? Camping in the wilderness is a gift for the civilized world. Kedarkantha is a nature’s gift man has discovered. Imagine sleeping under the stars, on a bed of snow with chill wind. Wake up to the beautiful sunrise with the scenic landscape of white meadows & snow capped pine trees. That is exactly how you will feel camping on this trek.

Kedarkantha trek has the most beautiful campsites in the Himalayas such that no trekking place can actually match up with the beauty of this trek. Each of its campsites are unique in its own way & the views are just mesmerizing. For instance, surrounded by walnut & pine trees all around the Akroti Thach campsite is one to watch amazingly placed amid the meadows facing the best view of Kedarkantha summit is the Pukhrola campsite & it is a remarkable sight. The colorful campsites over the white laden snow make the entire trek charming experience. Camping here is a unique experience, indeed. Be sure to take back memories as you capture the rich vegetation of the Himalayas. Nature lovers would call this place a paradise. Living amidst such beauty is like being in heaven & we are sure you will not get tired of clicking pictures of these amazing landscapes & panoramic views.

One of the campsite en route the Kedarkantha Trek

Possesses the best driving roads in the Himalayas

Have you ever dreamed of driving your way through the Himalayas? The roads to Kedarkantha will make you pass through the beauties of Mussoorie, Nowgaon, Purola, Mori & finally to Naitwar. This far-flung route is the best driving route through the Himalayas. Amid the blanket of greenery on one side and Tons river flowing on the other side, nothing can outdo the pleasure of passing through on of the most scenic landscape in the Himalayas. If you are looking forward to trekking to Kedarkantha, do not miss out this beautiful and picturesque landscape.

The beautiful journey from Dehradun to Sankri

A trek where you can summit a peak in winters

Kedarkantha trek is the most preferred trek because you can easily summit a peak in winters here. The highly exquisite 360-degree views of snow-capped mountains is a view you will not forget easily. The summit cocooned in snow will heighten your excitement of getting there. One can easily witness the famous mountain summits through base camp also. You can only imagine what trekking through this path has in store for you. When you finally hit the Kedarkantha summit, you will feel like you are on top of the world, & all the mountain summit will be at your eye level now. You will have a panoramic view of the entire region; witnessing all summits at your eye- level is a real jaw-dropping moment.

VIEW from Kedarkantha PEAK

Do not wait further & get ready to spend time close to nature & add another Himalayan adventure to your experience.

So, Grab your trekking gears & Check out our Kedarkantha trek package with us and take the leap into the amazing world of trekking.